How To Spot Raw Diamonds

Learning how to spot raw diamonds is something that takes a lot of time and effort. In their raw form, diamonds can often be disguised to look like rock, lesser-quality minerals or glass and if you are thinking about purchasing these stones, you need to be able to differentiate between regular minerals and these precious stones.

In the diamond selling industry, there are many people who would take advantage of those that do not recognize a diamond when they see it. Many minerals can be passed off as diamonds and if you are not aware of how to spot raw diamonds, you might end up buying a worthless stone instead of a precious one. Don’t let inexperience cost you money; learn everything there is to know these small, but valuable, gems.

Viewing Raw Diamonds up Close

Before you can learn how to spot raw diamonds, you will need to get some experience viewing these diamonds up close. Don’t simply look at pictures and study these objects in books; visit a supplier and get to know what they look like in real life. Diamonds come in a variety of shapes and sizes and these include:

Each shape has a range of characteristics that will help you to identify whether or not the stones you find are real diamonds or cheap imitations of the real thing.

The Various Shapes of Rough Diamonds

Learning how to spot raw diamonds means learning about each individual shape. The first one, Octahedrons, are one of the most common forms of raw diamonds and they look like two pyramids that have been put together to form 8 different faces. You can purchase a diamond like this from Rough Diamond World for about $350 (this price entails a rough, Octahedron diamond of about 2.14 carats).

Cubic-shaped diamonds have six faces and they are less common than their Octahedron counterparts. Maccles, on the other hand, look like small pyramids but they are often distorted and misshapen. You can purchase one of these diamonds from Rough Diamond World for about $400 per 0.65 carats. Dodecahedrons are more irregular than the rest but they are usually round in shape with many different faces.

The Colors of Raw Diamonds

When studying how to spot raw diamonds, you will not only need to pay attention to the shape of the stone but also the color. Most people assume that diamonds are clear or white but this is not the case; they can be found in many different colors, ranging from light pinks to vivid yellows and it is important to take notice of the color since it so greatly affects the price.

Gaining Experience on How to Spot Raw Diamonds   

The more experience you have in spotting raw diamonds, the better you will be able to do it. Learning as much as you can about these minerals is only the start; you need to get out into the field and begin studying these precious stones in their natural forms. Spotting diamonds takes skill and patience but once you have learned the appropriate techniques, you’ll be able to spot them quickly and make more profits on different levels of quality stones.

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