What Do Raw Diamonds Look Like

If you have only ever seen a diamond once it has been cut and polished, you’ll probably be wondering; what do raw diamonds look like? Cut and polished diamonds look almost nothing like their counterparts that are still embedded in rock or waiting at the bottom of a river and most people do not even recognize them when they come across them.

Buying and Selling Diamonds

If you have any interest in buying and selling diamonds, you’ll want to make sure that you know the answer to the question: what do raw diamonds look like? You will not only need to be able to answer this question, but you will also need to be able to grade the diamond and work out a fair cost for the stone using the information that you have when the diamond is presented to you. Seeing diamonds in their raw form is one of the best ways to get to know what they look like so you will recognize them when the time comes to analyze a mineral embedded in a rock.

The shape of Raw Diamonds

In order to understand “what do raw diamonds look like?” you need to be able to recognize them in their original shapes. Diamonds have many different forms in nature, including:

Maccles are shaped like deformed pyramids and they can have made faces on them. Octahedrons look more like to pyramids placed back-to-back and they usually have about 8 faces. Dedacahedrons are rounder and they are multiple faces on them, while Cubics have 6 faces.

The Color of Diamonds in Nature

Diamonds can be found in many different colors, including yellow, pink, blue, purple and black. The colors will usually have a great impact on the cost of these stones with rare colors increasing the cost of the stones and common colors decreasing the value.

The Surface Features of Diamonds in Nature

The surface features of a diamond will greatly affect the answer to the question “what do raw diamonds look like?” When diamonds have been cut and polished, they tend to look shiny and smooth but this is not always how they start out. In nature, diamonds can be found in rock or in river beds (when they are taken from the rock and placed in rivers through erosion) and the location in which they are found will greatly affect what they look like.

So what do raw diamonds look like when they are found in rock? These diamonds might be glassy and mirror-like or they could have grooved surfaced. Some diamonds are exposed to radiation from the soil and they could look as if a certain point of their surface has been spoiled, often with a brown or grey spot on them.

Diamonds that are found in rivers have a more weathered look, due to the friction of the river, and this means that they are not always glassy and mirror-like. Once they are polished, however, many of these diamonds will look like those found in stores while the items that cannot be used in jewelry will be used in machinery.

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